UPSC Statistics Previous Year Paper Download 2023

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UPSC Statistics Previous Year Paper Download 2023: The UPSC Statistics main question papers are included below in chronological sequence to help you understand the structure of the IAS Statistics exam paper. Please go through this UPSC Statistics question bank that we have prepared for you carefully so that you can get a trend for the questions set every year and prepare well according to analysis, giving more time to recurring topics and important parts of the syllabus that carry more marks overall. The statistics question papers listed here are authentic questions from the UPSC civil service mains test. Our UPSC Statistics question bank is current till 2021.

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UPSC Statistics question papers are placed here for your convenience. This question bank contains question papers from the previous nine years, allowing students to become acquainted with the question paper format and the syllabus to focus on when studying for the test. The question papers you find are from the Union Public Service Commission. Examine the materials thoroughly for future reference and preparation. Practicing these question papers will assist the candidate in becoming more familiar with statistics.

UPSC Statistics Previous Year Paper

UPSC Statistic Syllabus includes probability theory, sampling theory, conclusions, and quantitative economics. Candidates who want to choose Statistics as an option for the UPSC Mains must familiarise themselves with the UPSC Statistics curriculum. By combining excellent methods with hard study, aspirants will be able to quickly cover the Statistics Optional syllabus. Many applicants believe that statistics are identical to mathematics, however, this is not the case. UPSC Statistics Syllabus may be highly interesting if properly studied.

UPSC Statistics Syllabus Overview

The UPSC Statistics syllabus is divided into two papers- Paper 1 and Paper 2. Each paper contains 250 marks making a total of 500 marks.

UPSC Statistics Syllabus Paper 1UPSC Statistics Syllabus Paper 2
ProbabilityIndustrial Statistics
Statistical InferenceOptimization Techniques:
Linear Inference and Multivariate AnalysisQuantitative Economics and Official Statistics:
Sampling Demography and Psychometry
UPSC Statistics Previous Year Paper

Download UPSC PYQs

Paper NameDownload Link
Statistics Paper-I 2021Click 2 Download
Statistics Paper-II 2021Click 2 Download
Statistics Paper-I 2020Click 2 Download
Statistics Paper-II 2020Click 2 Download
Statistics Paper-I 2019Click 2 Download
Statistics Paper-II 2019Click 2 Download
Statistics Paper-I 2018Click 2 Download
Statistics Paper-II 2018Click 2 Download
Statistics Paper-I 2017Click 2 Download
Statistics Paper-II 2017Click 2 Download
Statistics Paper-I 2016Click 2 Download
Statistics Paper-II 2016Click 2 Download
Statistics Paper-I 2015Click 2 Download
Statistics Paper-II 2015Click 2 Download
UPSC Statistics Previous Year Paper

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How to complete UPSC Statistics Syllabus?

Statistics are optional. The UPSC curriculum includes topics that can only be addressed with a thorough preparation approach and practice. It is doable to pass this test on the first try if you use the appropriate strategy.

  • Understand your UPSC optional syllabus statistics
  • Make a study plan.
  • Make your own preparation notes.
  • Practice Choosing the Best Reference Books UPSC Previous Exam Papers
  • Take a couple of IAS mock tests.

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What does the UPSC Statistics curriculum entail?

Among the topics included in the UPSC statistics optional curriculum are probability theory, quantitative economics, conclusions, and sampling theory.

How do I get the UPSC statistics optional syllabus?

The UPSC statistics syllabus may be downloaded from the UPSC official website. However, we have mentioned the link above to make this process easier.

Is it possible for me to complete the UPSC Statistics curriculum in three months?

Although it is feasible to complete the statistics optional curriculum in three months, it is best to begin preparation as soon as possible. Along with the optional subject, you must prepare the UPSC mains curriculum.

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