UPSC Civil Engineering Previous Year Paper Download

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UPSC Civil Engineering Previous Year Paper: For the convenience of applicants, UPSC Civil question papers are given below. This question bank contains 9 years’ worth of question papers, allowing students to familiarise themselves with the question paper pattern and syllabus to focus on while studying for the test. The question papers you’ll come across are from the Union Public Service Commission.

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Examine the papers thoroughly for future reference and planning. The candidate will gain a better understanding of Civil by practising with these question papers. For the topic Civil, we have provided 9 years of question papers ranging from 2013 to 2021. Aside from that, there is a link below for additional subject question papers outside Civil.

UPSC Civil Engineering Previous Year Paper

In the UPSC’s list of optional subjects for the IAS mains, a candidate can choose from three engineering disciplines. Civil engineering is one of the elective courses available. This is a rare choice, with fewer than 100 candidates choosing it each year. Nonetheless, in the UPSC exam, it is considered a scoring option. It goes without saying that only civil engineering graduates should take this optional because it would be difficult for someone with a different background to study what engineering graduates have studied for four years. This page will provide you with all of the information you require about the civil engineering choice, including strategy, curriculum, toppers, and success rates.

Before choosing Civil Engineering as optional you should always know the sucess rate and other important information. You can check on the given below informations.

Civil Engineering Success Rate

YearNo.of candidates appearedNo.of candidates clearedSuccess Rate (%)
UPSC Civil Engineering Previous Year Paper Download

Civil Engineering optional toppers

Sameer Kumar Jena2017684
Avdhesh Meena201632
Vinay Tiwari2014193
Ashish Vashishth201315
Toppes of Civil Engineering in UPSC

Civil Engineering as UPSC Optional Pros & Cons

In this part, we’ll go over the benefits and drawbacks of this choice. If you are a civil engineering graduate or pursuing a civil engineering degree, you should review the UPSC civil engineering optional and then consider the benefits and drawbacks of this topic. You should choose your optional subject after taking into account your individual strengths and shortcomings in relation to this subject.


  • You would be familiar with the subject because you studied it for four years in college. There’s no need to start at the beginning.
  • Because it is based on science and mathematics, it is a high-scoring topic.
  • With enough practise, you can achieve excellent results.
  • Throughout the years, this choice has consistently performed well.
  • Diagrams and numericals can be used to score points.
  • This optional course can also be used to prepare for the engineering services exam (ESE).
  • The syllabus for this subject is well-defined and consistent. The syllabus does not include a section on current events.
  • Because this is an engineering discipline, the evaluation is rather objective.

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  • There is essentially no overlap with broad studies.
  • The civil engineering option has a large syllabus. It’s actually quite difficult to complete it on time.
  • This optional’s two papers are also deemed lengthy, and many applicants have been unable to complete them.
  • Despite the fact that the topic is scoring, the average grade is not very high. It is possible to score, and it is fully dependent on the candidate.

UPSC Civil Engineering Previous Year Paper

You can download previous year question papers of Civil Engineering from the given below download links.

Prelims Download Links

2022Download PDF
2021Download PDF
2020Download PDF
2019Download PDF
2018Download PDF
2017Download PDF
UPSC Prelims Download PYQs Download

Mains Download Links

2021 Civil Engineering Paper-I

Civil Engineering Paper-II
2020Civil Engineering Paper – I

Civil Engineering Paper – II
2019 Civil Engineering Paper – I

Civil Engineering Paper – II
2018 Civil Engineering Paper – I

Civil Engineering Paper – II
UPSC Mains Download PYQs Download

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