SUPER TET Previous Year Paper Download

In Uttar Pradesh, the SUPER TET exam is used to hire assistant teachers. Everyone who is interested and qualified can apply for this test and begin getting ready for it. If candidates want to ace the test with ease, they must focus their preparation efforts. Candidates can access the SUPER TET test past year papers on Textbook to improve their level of preparation. Candidates will get an advantage over the competition and improve their chances of being chosen for the role by completing the SUPER TET question papers. Save money by downloading the free Documents offered in this article to help you pass the SUPER TET exam.

UP SUPER TET Previous Year Papers Download

The SUPER TET test is used in Uttar Pradesh to choose assistant teachers. Everyone who is qualified and interested in taking the test is free to do so and start preparing. Candidates must concentrate their study efforts if they wish to easily pass the exam. To further their level of preparation, candidates can get the SUPER TET test past year papers on Testbook. By completing the SUPER TET question papers, applicants will gain an edge over the competition and increase their chances of being selected for the position.

Download the free documents provided in this article to pass the SUPER TET exam and save money.

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Sr. NoUP Super TET Previous Year PaperDownload as PDF
1 2019 Previous Year Question Paper PDF Click Here
2 2018 Previous Year Question Paper PDFClick Here
3UP Junior Aided Teacher (UPJASE)  (Hindi/English/Sanskrit) Official Paper – 2021Click Here
4UP Junior Aided Teacher (UPJASE) Social Studies Official Paper – 2021Click Here
5UP Junior Aided Teacher (UPJASE) Science & Mathematics Official Paper – 2021Click Here

Candidates appearing for the Super TET exam must begin their preparation well in advance. In order to prepare well without missing out on any important topics, the candidates must refer to the Syllabus and Exam Pattern. Go through the article to know the subject-wise syllabus and detailed exam pattern for  exam 2023

  • The exam will have Paper I and Paper II.
  • Candidates applying for the post of Principal are required to appear for both Papers I and II.
  • Paper I of the exam will be for 150 marks and Paper II will be for 50 marks.
  • There is no negative marking in the exam.

Benefits of Solving the SUPER TET Previous Year Question Papers

You can enhance your time management skills and boost your performance in the actual test by using previous year papers.
You can obtain a good idea of the questions that will be asked in this exam by completing the practice tests.
By completing the previous year’s papers, you can evaluate your preparation, hone your strengths even more, and pinpoint your weaknesses so you can strengthen them.

Applicants who attempt these test questions will be able to sharpen their accuracy and efficiency skills.

  • Candidates will be able to increase their chances of scoring maximum marks in the final examination!

Also, check out the SUPER TET Test Series to prepare well for the exam.


Are all subjects covered in the SUPER TET previous year papers?

Yes, all subjects are covered in the previous year papers.

Are the SUPER TET previous year papers based on the latest syllabus & exam pattern?

Yes, all the previous year papers provided in this article are based on the syllabus & exam pattern.

When should I start attempting the previous year papers?

You can start solving these question papers soon after you finish studying the entire syllabus.

How should I prepare for the SUPER TET examination?

You can start preparing by studying the entire syllabus. For practice & revision, you can attempt the previous year papers, test series & mock tests.

How authentic & accurate are these question papers?

All the question papers provided in this article are the official papers that were asked in the past years, hence they are 100% accurate & authentic.


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