Sonu Sood Free IAS Online Coaching | SAMBHAVAM Admission Process

Sonu Sood Free IAS Online Coaching | SAMBHAVAM Admission Process | Sonu Sood IAS Coaching Online | Free Sonu Sood College Online Admission Process | SAMBHAVAM Coaching Admission Process

Sonu Sood Free IAS Online Coaching: The Sood Charity Foundation has performed yet another outstanding act. This time, the SAMBHAVAM for the years 2022–2023 has been established in partnership with Divine India Youth Association (DIYA) and Sood Charity Foundation. All of the candidates who made the short list received Sonu Sood Free IAS Online Coaching. Check out the information in this post for more information if you wish to take part in this free exposure. Shortlisting is only open to applicants who submitted their SAMBHAVAM 2022–23 application before September 25, 2022. Apply for Sonu Sood’s free online IAS coaching session by following the instructions provided.

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Sonu Sood, a well-known actor, has proposed a new plan called SAMBHAVAM 2022-2023. Regarding the Free Online IAS Coaching, this is relevant. The Divine India Youth Association (DIYA) and the Sood Charity Foundation have collaborated to launch the new session of SAMBHAVAM for the academic year 2022–2023 in response to the enormous success of the IAS Scholarships programme last year. Under ‘Sambhavam’ selected students can obtain FREE online IAS coaching at top civil services colleges in India along with mentorship support and holistic personality development offering new possibilities for youth empowerment and country building.

Sonu Sood Free IAS Online Coaching

But via “Sambhavam,” SCF and DIYA hope to support this cause and give the economically underprivileged group the opportunity to receive free coaching and an equal shot at competing in the IAS entrance tests. With this project, we hope to contribute to the development of a new, stronger India.

Organization NameSood Charity Foundation (SCF)
In Collaboration withDivine India Youth Association (DIYA)
Name of the Scholarship ProgrammeSAMBHAVAM
Selection ProcessOnline Test

SAMBHAVAM 2022-2023 Terms and Conditions

Conditions for Sonu Sood’s free online IAS coaching programme are listed. We encourage all applicants to review the information provided here before completing the SAMBHAVAM 2022-2023 Application Form. Look them up:

  • The chosen/shortlisted candidates will receive free online coaching for the IAS exams.
  • Sambhavam 2022–23 selection is not guaranteed by submission of your entry.
  • For the purpose of determining the eligibility, an online test
  • Candidates who are chosen grant SCF and DIYA full, unrestricted permission to use and publicise their names, photographs, test results, and progress reports in any online or offline medium.
  • SCF & DIYA may request the necessary documentation from selected candidates at any time.
  • Any incorrect information will result in the option being immediately cancelled.
  • Any candidate found to be abusing the opportunity in any way or found to be unconcerned with the programme or not adhering to the guidelines, rules, and regulations, which may be amended from time to time by SCF & DIYA or both, may have their selection revoked.
  • Candidates must routinely check their email (including the spam folder) and visit relevant websites for crucial updates.
  • Any chosen candidate or their family members/relatives may not make any type of claim against SCF, DIYA, their Board members, or Committee members during, prior to, or following the start of the programme.
  • SCF & DIYA will assign chosen students seats for online classes at their affiliated institutions. No queries from students or aspirants regarding their preferred institute will be considered.
  • There is no assurance of correspondence for any applicant submitting the form.
  • SCF and DIYA’s decisions throughout the entire programme shall be final and binding.
  • A student’s selection does not grant them any form of right of any kind. Only students who qualify for the programme can receive online coaching. No requests in absolute or kind form for anything else will be granted.
  • The Mumbai Courts shall have jurisdiction over any dispute of any type.
  • You consent to all of the aforementioned terms and conditions by continuing to submit your information.
  • Candidates who are economically struggling and disadvantaged but deserving will be given preference.

Application Fee for SAMBHAVAM 2022–2023

For the selection process, the DIYA levies a registration fee of Rs. However, the scholarship for SAMBHAVAM 2022–2023 is free.

How can I sign up for Sonu Sood’s free online IAS coaching?

Sonu Sood Free IAS Online Coaching
Sonu Sood Free IAS Online Coaching
  • Go to to view the webpage.
  • Choose “Apply Now” from the choices there.
  • Fill in the blanks at the bottom, including the name, father’s name, gender, email address, etc.
  • Check the information provided once more.
  • then press the button marked “Submit.”
  • The SAMBHAVAM 2022–23 Application Form fee must be paid next.

Sonu sood free ias coaching Registration details

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