Khan Sir Polity Notes PDF 2023

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Khan Sir Polity Notes PDF 2023: Get Khan Sir Polity Notes taught by Khan Sir and PDF of Khan Sir Polity Book from here. Khan sir is a qualified experienced teacher, and many books have been written by him, some of which we have made available on our website, today in this post we will make available the PDF of Khan Sir Polity Book and Khan Sir Polity Notes written by him are doing.

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These notes are going to be useful in all your exams, especially for any competitive exam. These notes will prove to be a panacea for every exam. Today we will share with you the PDF of the complete class notes of the political subject read by khan sir with you. You can easily download it and read its pdf from your phone.

Khan Sir Polity Notes PDF 2023

In the book of Political Science written by Khan Sir, all the important points related to Indian Political Science have been written together and all the Articles and 22 Parts and 12 Schedules of the Indian Constitution have been explained in detail.

In these notes, all the topics of politics have been written in very simple language, you can understand it by reading them once. The most important thing about this note is that it has not been written about the topics which are not asked in the examination. That is, we can say that Khan sir has made this note keeping in mind the government exam.

Khan Sir Polity Notes

Along with this, the contemporary events happening in Indian Political Science have also been written in this book. All the constitutional amendments of the current and important questions related to them have also been included in it. If you want the PDF of the Polity Book written by Khan sir, then you can get it through the link given below. This book is published by Kiran Prakashan.

Polity By Khan Sir Video

If you want a video of Polity taught by Khan sir, then you can buy it through Khan sir’s official app. If you want to know about some current issues from him, then Khan sir has opened his own YouTube channel where you can get many types of information through his videos, below we have given the link of his YouTube channel.

Khan Sir has a full Playlist of Polity on his youtube channel where you can see his quality and unique way of teaching.

Video Credit: Khan Sir GS Research Center

Polity Notes PDF by Khan Sir

Notes of Political Science read by Khan sir are prepared, these notes are made through the candidates taught by him so that it can be available to everyone. Khan Sir Polity Notes is very important for the examination of all of you, so it is requested to all If you want Khan sir’s Polity Notes then you can get it through the link given below. In these notes, all the important points of Political Science have been written and all the Articles, Parts, and Schedules of the Indian Constitution have been explained in detail.

Khan Sir Official App

If you want to get information about Polity Batch being taught by Khan sir. So you have to download Khan Sir Official App from Google Play Store and after that, you can get information about any running or running batch from there.
If you want to get success in your competitive exams, then download khan sir politics complete notes put by us through this post and read it as many times as possible so that you remember it.
We expect all of you students to download the khan sir politics book PDF provided by us and study it in detail.

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How to download Khan Sir Polity Notes?

You can download khan sir polity notes from and other different websites.

What merits Khan Sir fame?

Indian educator Khan Sir is renowned for his distinctive teaching methods, particularly when it comes to current events-related subjects. He established the Khan GS Research Center.

Does Khan Sir fit the UPSC?

Does Khan Sir’s book satisfy UPSC requirements? Regarding Khan Sir’s book and Khan Sir himself, they are both quite good, however when it comes to being ready for the UPSC, you need standard texts as well as notes that you may refer to whenever you need.

Is Amit Khan really Khan sir?

Khan sir, however, asserted that he is not Amit Singh in a later video. mentioning the. He claimed that he had written multiple books under the name “Khan sir” and that his title was, in fact, “Khan.”

What scandal surrounds Khan Sir?

In a now-viral video, Khan sir from Patna was heard presenting an instance of how the substitution of a Muslim name for a Hindu name alters the meaning of a statement. Congress leaders are calling for his arrest as a result of the turmoil the video has caused.

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