How to Crack UP PCS in First Attempt

How to Crack UP PCS in First Attempt | Crack UP PCS in First Attempt | How to Crack UP PCS in First Attempt | Crack UP PCS in First Attempt

How to Crack UP PCS in First Attempt: UPPSC will hold PCS Prelims 2022 in the coming months, and like every year, over 3-4 lakh hopefuls will take this test, but only a few thousand will pass even the first stage, demonstrating the exam’s tough character. We are providing you with a detailed approach to clear UPPSC PCS 2022 to assist you in this challenging road.

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The Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) PCS exam is one of the most difficult exams administered by UPPSC in the state of Uttar Pradesh for senior administrative positions. Clearing this allows applicants to pursue a career in bureaucracy and participate in the state-level administrative machinery.

How to Crack UP PCS in First Attempt

In this post, we will first attempt to comprehend the nature of the test, i.e. Exam Pattern; sources to refer to in accordance with the syllabus; and lastly, some suggestions and methods to follow in order to pass the UPPSC PCS exam. We have attempted to include all of the relevant insights from our expert teams and previous year toppers’ experiences to provide you with some important pointers that will help you organize your preparation for UPPSC PCS 2022 more successfully.

Tips on How to Crack UP PCS in First Attempt

  • Discovering the Reason for Your Desire to Become a Civil Servant
  • Giving equal weight to all aspects of the curriculum
  • Role of Newspapers
  • Importance of PYQs
  • Using Only One Source
  • Mock Exams

Discovering the Reason for Your Desire to Become a Civil Servant

This is critical since the preparation process is lengthy, chaotic, and may be stressful at times, and the feeling of giving up might occur more frequently than one thinks. It is critical to find inspiration from inside at such moments. Knowing why you started preparing in the first place and why you want to serve in the military will give you the willpower and drive to work hard through these trying times.

When You Feel Like Quitting, Remember Why You Started,” as a popular phrase goes, sums up the argument I’m trying to convey here.

Giving equal weight to all aspects of the curriculum

The UPPSC PCS Syllabus has several topics, and each one must be given careful consideration. Any aspect that is overlooked might have an influence on your grade. Candidates have a very frequent propensity to dedicate more time to courses such as history and geography while deferring their study in areas such as environment and ecology and science. This should be avoided at all costs, and all subjects should be given equal weight.

Role of Newspapers

Current events make up a significant portion of the UPPSC PCS Prelims. The newspaper is very beneficial, and it is necessary to have a regular practice of reading the newspaper, whether it is The Hindu or The Indian Express. (Jansatta and Prabhat Khabar are excellent for Hindi Medium students.) Aside from everyday reading, one should take notes on key news that will aid in revision around test time.

Importance of PYQs

Every candidate should browse over the UPPSC PCS Previous Years Question Papers to get a sense of the nature of the test and the kind of questions that will be asked. This also aids in determining the most relevant sections of the curriculum from which questions are commonly asked. Previous Year Papers for UP PCS provided on for ‘How to crack UP PCS in first attempt’

Using Only One Source

There is no shortage of reading material for UPPSC PCS in this internet era, and it is extremely normal for candidates to be misled by it. Aspirants should avoid this and instead focus on contesting and reviewing the sources mentioned to in the beginning. The revision is the most crucial aspect. The goal should be to revise what you read on a regular basis rather than to read new items that come your way.

Mock Exams

There are several advantages to practising UPPSC PCS Mock Tests, including:

  • Syllabus completion in a timely manner.
  • Examining the degree of preparedness
  • Avoiding stupid errors
  • Time administration

Giving practice examinations on a regular basis is thus critical, especially for passing such difficult exams.

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Can I pass PCS on the first try?

Aspirants can pick between coaching sessions and online preparation packages to pass the PSC examinations on the first try. Self-study is essential for applicants to better prepare. They can use internet study tools and self-study approaches to develop their own plan.

Is it tough to pass the PCS exam?

Aspirants for the UPSC IAS Exam may believe that the PCS examinations are simple to pass, however, in specific areas or themes, they must put in more effort than in the UPSC Civil Services Exam. While studying for PCS Exams, applicants should keep the following aspects in mind: 1.

Is the PCS test easier than the UPSC exam?

When compared to IAS, PCS is much simpler. The state PCS examination is not particularly active (unlike UPSC CSE which has become very unpredictable and dynamic). So, if one has worked hard, one’s chances of being picked for State PCS are higher.

What is the maximum age for the PCS exam?

The age restriction for the PCS test (Combined State/Upper Subordinate Services Exam) (as of July 1 of the exam year) is: The minimum age is 21. The maximum age is 40 years.

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