How to Crack GATE Exam in First Attempt 2023

How to Crack GATE Exam in First Attempt 2023 | How to Crack GATE Exam in First Attempt | Crack GATE Exam in First Attempt | How to Crack GATE Exam in First Attempt tips

How to Crack GATE Exam in First Attempt 2023: The hardest hurdle that students must overcome is undoubtedly learning how to pass the GATE exam on the first try. A very demanding admission test for students of engineering and science graduates is the GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Exam. It enables engineering and scientific graduates to enrol in postgraduate studies at famous engineering institutions like the IITs, NITs, and other institutes. The MHRD also offers a little honorarium to the applicants. In addition, there are other chances available after passing the gate test, including positions with major companies like NTPC, BHEL, GAIL, ONGC, and HPCL.

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It’s is a common line in UPSarkariNaukri Community that every exam is like T-20 Match for which you to practice alot. And this practice can only be done by solving a lot of Previous Year Question Papers and understanding of examination. Currently we are talking about How to Crack GATE Exam in First Attempt. For which you should know few points which we will explain down below. And we also have Gate PYQs available in UPSarkariNaukri only. How to Crack GATE Exam in First Attempt tips and topics are given below.

How to Crack GATE Exam in First Attempt

The Indian Institutes of Technology and the Indian Institute of Science administer the GATE examinations. Several disciplines, including Aerospace Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Mathematics, Architecture and Planning, Mechanical Engineering, Biotechnology, Mining Engineering, Civil Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, Physics, Chemistry, Production and Industrial Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Textile Engineering, and Therefore, learning how to pass GATE on your first try is no easy task.

One of the most difficult and demanding tests offered across the country is the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE). These statistics will give you an accurate impression of the difficulty of the GATE exam. Every year, around 10 lakh individuals apply to take this specific exam, and only 16–18 percent of those students are accepted. Despite the fierce competition, it is beneficial to take the test since it provides a straight route to PG admissions at the best universities in the nation and entry-level jobs at Indian PSUs.

There is no restriction on the quantity of tries that engineering students may make. Due to the large number of applicants, the exam is rather difficult and intensely competitive. Additionally, it necessitates that the students have a solid grasp of their respective disciplines. You need to have the right advice, a solid preparation, attention, and a positive mindset to ensure that you can pass the GATE test on your first try. If you take a focused approach, passing this test on your first try is very likely. This can aid you by giving you useful advice to assist you in doing so. Several crucial pointers to help you succeed in the GATE tests

Pointers for Cracking GATE Exam in First Attempt

The pointers of Cracking GATE Exam in first attempt are given below:

  1. Understand Exam Pattern & Syllabus of GATE
  2. Do Your Self-Assessment and Evaluation
  3. Prepare Study Plan & Select Material
  4. Study Smartly & Complete Syllabus
  5. Revise Entire Syllabus
  6. Solve Previous Year Question Papers
  7. Watch Topper’s Interview

Understand Exam Pattern & Syllabus of GATE

Many of you will now ask, “What’s new about this?”

Sincerely, nothing! However, it has frequently been noted that most students begin their study without having a thorough grasp of the GATE test and being accustomed to the exam structure & curriculum. Every GATE candidate should be aware of these important elements in advance, including the exam’s time limit, the number of questions, the scoring system, the level of difficulty, etc. Additionally, there are several disciplines and topics covered in the GATE CSE syllabus, including mathematics, data structures and algorithms, operating systems, digital logic, compiler design, and many others. It will be simpler for you to develop a preparation plan if you can determine the weight of each subject, which we’ll cover in the following sections. Examining the question papers from past years is the best course of action for this. Additionally, you may talk about it with your mentors and read the official GATE exam announcement in its entirety.

Do Your Self-Assessment and Evaluation

Among the most overlooked elements in GATE preparation! The self-assessment is crucial since it enables you to gauge your current proficiency in relation to the GATE test and reveals both your strengths and weaknesses. For instance, you could excel in data structures and algorithms but have trouble with computer networks in general. Therefore, after you learn about all of these factors, you can easily build on your advantages and disadvantages to do better on the exam. You may allocate more time to your weak topics to improve in them and sufficient time to your strong subjects to advance in them by using this information while making a schedule.

Prepare Study Plan & Select Material

You must be aware of the significance of eating well for a healthy body and mind.

This is true for both this situation and your preparation for the GATE test or any other competitive exam. To learn effectively and ultimately improve your GATE test result, you must select the valuable study materials and preparation tools. Before beginning your preparation, it is advised that you all set aside some time solely for the process of choosing the appropriate study materials, whether they are books, online courses, offline coaching, YouTube lectures, or anything else.

Study Smartly & Complete Syllabus

What does this smart study approach entail…? Let’s get this straight away. Assume that A and B are two students who are studying for the GATE test. Without prioritising the courses or themes based on factors like weightage, difficulty level, etc., A begins his preparation right away. He also doesn’t monitor his progress or establish daily or weekly goals. B, on the other hand, assigns weights to each subject and prioritises those with the highest weights. He also makes a thorough to-do list and numerous short- and long-term goals. Now that B is using the Smart Study Approach, it can be presumed with certainty that B will be more prepared than A.

Additionally, in especially for the GATE test, you must split up the complete curriculum such that no key or highly weighted topics are missed. Additionally, in order to perform well on the GATE Exam, the simple-to-score courses should be adequately taught.

Revise Entire Syllabus

REVISION IS OF SUPREME IMPORTANCE! In fact, we discovered that it has a significant influence on how well you ultimately score on the GATE test after speaking with several GATE high performers and other exam participants. To do well in the exam, it is advised that you all review each material at least twice. Additionally, the majority of students leave the review process to the last few days or week, which is a bad revision technique because you need to revise often to acquire good results.

Preparing brief notes or using flashcards while going over a subject for the first time and then using these during revision to recall all those ideas in a shorter amount of time is one of the greatest revision tactics.

Solve Previous Year Question Papers

If you don’t test your knowledge, how can you say that you are well prepared for the exam? The greatest method to do this is, in fact, through practise exams. Additionally, it helps you gain confidence by familiarising yourself with the actual GATE environment situation, including the time restriction, question types, etc. In order to improve their performance on the actual GATE exam, it has been shown that applicants should practise previous year’s exams and take the mock test. Even while you can begin completing the practise exams at any point in your preparation, it is advised that you do so at least one month prior to the GATE exam.

Additionally, it is not enough to just take the fake exam; you must also evaluate it to identify your errors, your strong and weak areas, etc., so that you can work on them appropriately.

Watch Topper’s Interview

If you’re considering how reading or watching the interview with the topper might benefit you, you should realise that you can gain some really insightful information from there. For instance, they could have made some dumb mistakes during their GATE test, which you might become aware of by listening to their exam experience interview and avoiding them in your own exam. Additionally, you may access some outstanding study methods that will greatly aid your performance on the GATE test. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind as you go through this process. First, don’t spend too much time on this because it won’t be a useful step for you. Also, avoid attempting to compare.

How to Crack GATE Exam in First Attempt 2023 are given above.

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What is the greatest strategy for passing the GATE test?

To crack GATE, experts and top performers frequently advise solving as many practise exams as you can. Solving mock exams is incredibly advantageous for the applicants who desire to acquire high. Mock exams for GATE 2023 are made to look exactly like the question paper.

Can I pass GATE after a year?

You may indeed pass the GATE in a year. The degree of preparation and the particular applicant also play a role. One of the toughest tests in the country is the GATE exam. It necessitates adequate loyalty, time commitment, and attention to the study.

How can I pass the GATE exam without coaching?

“Mock exams and sample papers are very crucial in any exam including GATE while studying without coaching,” says one expert. “By taking GATE mock tests, you will be able to recognise your faults and appropriately work on them so that they are not repeated again.

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