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Essay on Farmer

Our India is a farmer-dominated country. In India, a large number of people do farming (cultivation) and also do their nutrition by doing agriculture. Some earn money by doing farming, while some earn money by renting their farm. This means that people are directly or indirectly associated with the agriculture sector. For this reason, to some extent the economy of our country rests on the farmers.

Indian farmer’s life and his style of work

The job of a farmer is that he maintains his household by doing farming. For that a farmer has to work hard day and night and take care of his crop. So that his crop can be fruitful and fertile. In India, more than 80% of the farmers do farming living in their villages, although farming is not so easy, but in today’s time, farmers have got relief to some extent because their work has become easier with means like bullocks and tractors and they can do so through it. They are able to plow the field easily, but still one has to work hard.

Indian Farmer’s Routine

An Indian farmer wakes up early in the morning and leaves for the field at dawn. To see that all is well in his field, is it not because farming is such a business in which there is a possibility of loss. The hard work of every Indian farmer is at stake in farming.

Importance of farmers in the country

The status of farmers is at the top in our country and what a great man has said a lot

India is the land of villages and farmers are the soul of the country.

Not only is this not said, but I myself feel the same way. Farmers are highly respected in our country and farming is also considered an important profession in the villages.

In our country, grains, paddy, wheat, pulses and vegetables are all produced by the hard work of our farmer brothers. By eating which we fill our stomach and somewhere we give prayers to the farmer brothers. Apart from this, the farmer is also addressed by the name of Annadata, which means the giver of food. Along with this another slogan is very famous. Which our former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri himself had spoken during the Indo-Pak war.


It is true that the soldiers fight for the country by living on the border of the country and our farmer brothers stay in the country and produce food grains for the countrymen. By eating which we pacify the hunger of our stomach. Every Indian farmer is very hardworking, then the production of grain becomes possible.

Farmer’s Troubles

The life of a farmer in India is not as simple as we understand because farmers have to face not one but many problems.

Even in today’s time not every farmer has a tractor. A poor farmer works day and night in his field. After that, they are able to maintain their home efficiently. Apart from this, there are many other difficulties in the life of a farmer, on which no one even pays attention.

Whenever any service is started by the government. So it is manipulated by the cabinet or broker. Due to which the benefit of that service does not reach the farmers. Yes, it is true that the government keeps bringing many services for the farmers, but whether the farmers are getting the benefit of that service or not, the government should also take care of this and make strict laws.

Natural Disasters

When a farmer produces fruits, vegetables or grains, he is also afraid of natural calamities that rain, storm or other calamities may ruin his months of hard work. Due to this the farmers have to pay very heavy losses. However, the government also provides compensation in this. But many corrupt people do not allow the benefit of the service to reach the farmers.

Image of Farmers in India

People in India have spoiled the image of the farmer. The pride of the country (farmers) is considered as gawar, illiterate and considers them inferior and does not respect their work which is most wrong. In our country, every person and human being is equally entitled and if we talk about work, then no work is small or big. In our country only two types of people deserve respect. On the first our jawans and on that our farmer brothers, that’s why this slogan “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan” is well known.

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Some ways to improve the problems of Indian farmers

Many measures can be taken by the government to improve the condition of Indian farmers like

• If the crop of farmers gets spoiled due to any reason, then the government should provide proper insurance facilities to the farmers. Not only this, the fact that this insurance money reaches the farmers’ bank account successfully should also be confirmed by the government.

• Farmers should be provided easy loans, by doing this the farmers will definitely benefit and the situation will improve, in such a way that farmers will be able to buy good quality fertilizers and seeds from the market.

• One of the biggest problems faced by most of the farmers is that they lack education or they are illiterate, so they are not aware of the scientific methods of doing new farming. So in such a situation, they should be provided proper education. Although the government has issued a toll free helpline number in which any farmer of India can ask his problems and get the answer of his question, it is beneficial.

Epilogue (Essay on the Indian Farmer)

In today’s article we have written an essay on Indian farmer. In which we came to know that we should respect the farmers in our life and should not insult the grain produced by them because a farmer grows the grain by working very hard. Apart from this, every farmer worships and respects the land of his country because it is the land on which the farmer maintains his house by plowing.

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Essay on Farmers?

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Our society is based on its farmers. They are the ones who supply us with all of our food. As a result, farmers are a source of income for the entire population. whether it is the tiniest or largest. Only because of them can we survive on the earth.

Why are farmers important 10 lines?

Ten Lines on the Farmer The nation’s farmers are thought of as its foundation. Only we survive because they produce. To ensure that we can’t go to sleep on an empty stomach, they sacrifice their blood, sweat, and tears to grow the grains. They are the most practical people you will ever meet.

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