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Best Books for WBJEE 2023: To get admitted to West Bengal’s engineering, technology, architecture, and pharmacy programmes, candidates must pass the West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination (WBJEE). The top books for WBJEE 2023 preparation should be known if you plan to take the WBJEE engineering in 2023. Our specialists have offered a comprehensive selection of the Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics books for WBJEE based on their analysis of the WBJEE curriculum and question patterns from prior years.

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The list below includes some novels that are available in both Bengali and English. Additionally, we suggested a few novels that are only available in English. Verify the edition and language of the book before purchasing it. For any book, it is always preferable to have the most recent edition. Best Books for WBJEE 2023 links are provided below you can check and buy best books for WBJEE from Amazon & Flipkart.

Best Books for WBJEE 2023

Since approximately 3 lakh students take the WBJEE each year, proper preparation is essential to passing the test. The West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination was administered by the board that oversees it. WBJEE is conducted offline. The WBJEE 2023 will take place the third week of July 2023, thus candidates should start preparing for it right once. If you haven’t already, you should start making your preparations. Only the Pharmacy Merit List based on Paper 2 marks is released by the board. Candidates must dedicate time to practising, reviewing, and learning crucial subjects covered in the curriculum. For essential advice and other information, scroll down further. Best Books for WBJEE is provided down below.

The best books for the WBJEE test include works by diverse writers in the fields of physics, chemistry, and mathematics. The list of recommended Best Books for WBJEE 2023 must also be read for supplementary preparation, even if it is generally acknowledged and encouraged to use NCERT books to comprehend the fundamental principles and comprehension of various areas. It is also advisable to limit your reading for a topic to one or two books in addition to the NCERT. The list of recommended readings for the Best Books for WBJEE 2023 is provided below.

Best Books For WBJEE Physics

The foundation of the Physics and Chemistry topics is covered in WBJEE Paper 2. A total of 40 MCQ-style questions are included in the Physics 10+2 syllabus. The following list contains some crucial study advice for preparing for the WBJEE’s Physics portion. Best Books for WBJEE Physics books from Amazon & Flipkart given below.

  1. All WBJEE candidates are urged to clarify any misunderstandings they may have on the principles of 10+2 Physics subjects including the Laws of Motion, Gravitation, Oscillations, Magnetism, and Current Electricity, among others.
  2. It is suggested that you use the WBJEE Physics previous year papers as references. These are the most significant subjects covered in the WBJEE test.
  3. Students may learn about the WBJEE questions by studying previous year’s test questions.
  4. One simple approach to be ready for the test is by passing practise exams.
  5. Practice numerical problems and recall key equations and formulas are two of the most crucial components.



NCERT Physics

(Class 11 and 12)

Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma (Volume 1 and 2)


Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov

Best Books For WBJEE Maths

According to the official information booklet, Paper 1 of the WBJEE Exam is centred on the topic of mathematics. Each of the three areas in mathematics has a total of 75 MCQ-style questions. Check out the upcoming preparation advice to ace the WBJEE 2023 Mathematics exam. Best Books for WBJEE Maths books from Amazon & Flipkart given below.

  1. The most questions from the mathematics section of the WBJEE were asked. As a result, the Mathematics exam preparation process begins.
  2. In the WBJEE test, candidates are quizzed on subjects like trigonometry, calculus, the binomial theorem, probability, and statistics, among others. Such subjects require a lot of practise.
  3. Memorizing the formula, equations, trigonometric ratios, logarithmic values, etc. for the test is one of the most crucial parts of the mathematics preparation process. Students can use flashcards, brief notes, etc. to help them learn things for the test.
  4. Since calculators are not permitted in the WBJEE test room, it is equally crucial that students learn to solve arithmetic problems without them.



NCERT Mathematics( Class 11 and 12)

Integral Calculus

by Amit Aggarwal

Problems Plus In IIT Mathematics by A Das Gupta

Best Books For WBJEE Chemistry

Physics and Chemistry are the subjects included in Paper 2 of the WBJEE examination. A total of 40 MCQ-style questions are included in the 10+2 Chemistry syllabus. The following part contains some crucial study advice for preparing for the WBJEE’s Chemistry portion. Best Books for WBJEE Chemistry books from Amazon & Flipkart given below.

  • Candidates must understand how to use key equations, formulae, values, and other concepts from chemistry in order to solve problems.
  • Furthermore, obtaining higher marks on the paper depends on having a firm grasp of the fundamental chemistry ideas.
  • The subject requires a lot of practise from the students.
  • Students must understand the concepts that are crucial for the Chemistry segment of the WBJEE test.
  • You can prepare for the exam by consulting the Chemistry section’s prior year test questions.



NCERT Chemistry

( Class 11 and 12)

Organic Chemistry

by Morrison and Boyd

Inorganic Chemistry

by J.D. Lee

Organic Chemistry

by O.P. Tandon

Books related to WBJEE Examination



WB JEE Engineering Solved Paper 

WB JEE Chapterwise Explorer Mathematics - Engineering

WB JEE Chapterwise Explorer Physics and Chemistry -Engineering

Exam Pattern of WBJEE

You must first understand the WBJEE 2023 Exam Pattern in order to effectively prepare for the exam. Pen and paper is used to administer the WBJEE exam. Review all the information provided here.

  • There are two papers available for the WBJEE. Math is covered in Paper 1, and Physics and Chemistry are covered in Paper 2.
  • The WBJEE 2023 exam will last four hours. Two hours are allotted for each paper.
  • All of the exam’s questions will be multiple-choice questions (MCQs), each with four possible answers.
  • Multiple-choice questions are used in the test, and there are three different kinds of questions for each topic.
Subject Category 1Category 2Category 3No. of questionsTotal marks
Exam Pattern of WBJEE

WBJEE 2023 Marking Scheme

Category 1 Category 2Category 3
Only 1 option is correctOnly one option is correctIn this category of questions, one or more options can be correct
1 mark is awarded for each correct answerFor each correct answer, 2 marks are awarded2 marks are awarded for each correct answer
1/4 marks are deducted for each incorrect answer1/2 marks are deducted for each incorrect answerA combination of correct and wrong responses will be treated as incorrect and will lead to 0 marks
Any combination of replies containing more than one choice will be deemed erroneous, and a quarter of the marks will be taken off.Any combination of replies containing more than one option will be deemed erroneous, and there will be a 1/2 mark deduction.0 marks will be awarded for unattempted questions
0 marks for unattempted questionsUnattempted questions will lead to 0 marksThe grade for a partially accurate response is equal to two times the proportion of correctly marked alternatives to all correctly marked options.
Best Books for WBJEE

WBJEE Analysis 2023 by MathonGO

WBJEE Study Guide 2023

It is suggested that students use the top WBJEE 2023 books that provide WBJEE sample questions. It’s advisable to buy papers from previous years as well. Students will benefit from using previous WBJEE papers to better understand the test from a variety of angles, including difficulty level, topics covered in previous years, themes that have come up often throughout time, and much more. After learning a subject, you should routinely practise the WBJEE mock exam. Analysis of the degree of preparation and the strong and weak aspects in preparation will be aided. After finishing the complete WBJEE syllabus, students must also take a full-length mock exam and sample papers to gauge their level of preparation, identify any weaknesses, and come up with a solution.

WBJEE 2023 Study Advice

In order to achieve high test scores, students studying for WBJEE 2023 must be aware of the following:

  • Create a study regimen for the WBJEE and adhere to it every day.
  • Before starting your preparation, consult the curriculum, sample papers from previous years, and WBJEE exam pattern.
  • Choose the finest WBJEE 2023 preparing books.
  • Maintain a consistent study schedule, grasp the fundamentals of all test topics, and practise the numerical problems.
  • Regularly review the concepts that were studied.
  • frequent WBJEE practise exams.
  • Maintain your motivation throughout the planning. To prevent stress and anxiety, try meditation.

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Will i get CSE/IT branch with 10968 Rank in WBJEE?

You have a strong chance of getting into several reputable colleges for the CSE or IT disciplines based on the previously mentioned WBJEE Cutoff grades.

Is NCERT sufficient for the WBJEE?

For every admission test for the engineering field, NCERT books are crucial. In tests like the JEE Main, the WBJEE, and the UPSEE, almost 70% of the questions are based on the NCERT texts. Additionally, since NCERT books are written by seasoned college professors, errors in NCERT texts are quite unlikely.

Can I pass the WBJEE in three months?

You need to be completely familiar with these figures in order to pass the WBJEE exam in three months. 3. Take many online exams to see how quickly you can solve problems or prioritise timing over all other related considerations.

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